Darwin uses artificial intelligence to direct advertising. A software company based in Chicago, Darwin uses their platform to create extremely specific ad briefs to target narrow audiences for a variety of clients around the world. I bring these ads to life as motion graphics, which run on mobile apps, websites and social media.

None of these are spec or demo designs‒ all of them actually ran on the clients' digital marketing channels.


The company had me create two narrated explainers for new clients, showing off their methods (and their mascot!)

This earlier video goes deeper into the tech Darwin uses to hone their clients' ads.


Betterment is a financial company that facilitates socially- and environmentally-conscious investments.


Steelcase is a major furniture & interior design company. They're headquartered in my hometown, and I've always been a fan of their designs, so making things for them was really exciting!


fuboTV is a popular streaming service focusing on sports. I make ads for them targeting the American and Canadian markets.


DoorDash is the largest American online food ordering & delivery service. I make ads targeting restaurateurs, encouraging them to add delivery services via their platform.


Cerebral is a telehealth provider specializing in mental healthcare.


HOP WTR is a brand of hoppy, alcohol-free sparkling water.

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