Darwin uses artificial intelligence to direct advertising. A software company based in Chicago, Darwin uses their platform to create extremely specific ad briefs to target narrow audiences for a wide variety of clients across the US and Europe.

I bring these ads to life as digital motion graphics, which run on mobile apps, websites and social media.


The company had me create a narrated explainer for new clients, showing off their methods (and their mascot!)


Airofit is a Danish company that makes breathing trainer equipment. They sponsor several Olympic athletes, who use Airofit products to improve their aerobics. They also advertise to non-athletes about the health advantages of breathwork.

BYJU'S FutureSchool

BYJU'S FutureSchool is a live online school that teaches kids to code. Ages range from first graders to high schoolers; subjects include the fundamentals of programming logic, applied mathematics, and software development.


Giesswein is an Austrian shoe company. They use sustainably-managed Merino wool to knit sneakers with some interesting performance advantages, such as moisture control and heat retention. I make ads for them in English and German.


Nick's is a Swedish ice cream company specializing in low-sugar, dairy-free and vegan snacks. They use a number of lesser-known sweeteners and alternatives to make health-focused desserts, snack bars and more.

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