Illustrations & Experiments

I make a lot of things. I learn by experimenting, trying, failing and iterating. These are experimental illustrations, visual concepts, and little one-off projects.


What: Digital sketches and illustrations. A lot of this is fan art of interesting characters. I don't own them, and I don't sell any of this stuff.

When: Fall 2017 - now

How: Microsoft Surface pen, Sketchable, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Critter Calendar

What: A 12-piece calendar set featuring abstracted animals. Made as a Christmas gift for the world's foremost animal lover, my girlfriend Kathryn.

When: December 2019

How: 4.25x5.5" hand-cut cardstock affixed to posterboard, with magnets on the back.

Each month has a different grid pattern, animal, and color. Some reference their month, such as October (spooky mist and a dark cat) and May (flower petals and bees).

I chose one holiday to highlight per month.


What: A study of Soviet constructivism and propaganda, but with cute dogs.

When: May 2017

How: A series of 11x17" posters.

Adventures in Sandwiches

What: My friend Hannah runs Adventures in Sandwiches, an Instagram account documenting her sandwich discoveries. I created this logo for her account.

When: May 2020

How: A round logo for Instagram, in one-color and full color formats.