Sketches, One-Shots & Experiments

I make a lot of things. Most of them are garbage! Like most creatives, I learn by experimenting, failing and iterating. This is where I post my illustrations, visual concepts, and little one-off projects.

Voter Turnout Project (with ACTIVATE:CHI)

What: A volunteer effort in Grand Rapids to increase voter turnout in the 2020 Election, in partnership with ACTIVATE:CHI.

When: September - November 2020

How: An aggressive, millennial-targeted 11x17" poster plastered all over the city, and a series of in-person voter registration tables at city events.

We filled out the bottom section by hand, based on the location of the poster.

I won't pretend we had anything to do with it, but Grand Rapids went on to have its highest voter turnout since 2008.


What: Digital sketches and illustrations. A lot of this is fan art of interesting characters. I don't own them, and I don't sell any of this stuff.

When: Fall 2017 - now

How: Microsoft Surface pen, Sketchable, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


What: A study of Soviet constructivism and propaganda, but with cute dogs.

When: May 2017

How: A series of 11x17" posters created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adventures in Sandwiches

What: My friend Hannah runs Adventures in Sandwiches, an Instagram account documenting her sandwich discoveries. I created this logo for her account.

When: May 2020

How: A round logo for Instagram, in one-color and full color formats.