Media Sandbox

Everyone has a creative side. Media Sandbox provides free opportunities for all students, regardless of major, to experiment and collaborate in creative settings.

As a division of Michigan State University ComArtSci, Media Sandbox provides all students with access to tools and resources normally only available to students within the department.

As Art Director in 2017-18, I led a talented team of students to run ad campaigns, event promotions, and more:

Sampler Workshops

What: A campaign to promote Sampler Workshops, a series of free intro courses offered to all students, helping them gauge their interest in pursuing a creative field.

When: Fall 2017 - February 2018

How: Large-format posters, social media graphics, and targeted email graphics.

I created a logo animation, deconstructing it into its shapes and colors. We then assigned each Sampler Workshop a color and shape, and used a large-format poster to tie them back together.

Team credits:

  • Travis Root- Art Direction, Design, Copy, Animation
  • Jeana-Dee Allen- Project Management
  • Karl Gude- Creative Direction

Creative Summer Flings

What: An award-winning campaign promoting Creative Summer Courses at MSU.

When: Spring 2018 - Summer 2018

How: We designed ads targeting primarily business and pre-med students. A version of this campaign went on to win a Gold Addy Award at the Mid-Michigan level.

Team credits:

  • Travis Root- Art Direction, Design, Animation, Illustration, Additional Copy
  • Benjy Joung- Copy/Photography
  • Cara Murphy- Art Direction
  • Tanner Evans- Videography, Additional Photography
  • Jeana-Dee Evans- Project Management
  • Karl Gude- Creative Direction


What: A series of events aimed at facilitating creative collaboration between students with different majors. Each event had a specific theme.

When: October 2017 - February 2018

How: Illustrator and Media Sandbox Director Karl Gude and I created these illustrations, which were used on posters and social media.

↑ "Save the World."

↓ "Find What You Love" and "Embrace Yourself."

↓ "Get Connected" and "Discover Yourself."

I designed double large-format posters (placed near each other in hallways).

The events brought together creatives from all over MSU for dialogue and creative challenges.

Team credits:

  • Travis Root- Design, Additional Illustration
  • Karl Gude- Creative Direction, Illustration