Success Credit Union

Success Credit Union doesn't actually exist. It's the brand Xtend, Inc. uses to show off generic marketing materials. These materials were originally custom graphics I designed for credit unions while at Xtend, which I later turned into reusable generic templates under the Success CU moniker.

These packaged campaigns allowed me to practice reformatting the same content for different sizes / delivery platforms.

Personal Loans

What: A packaged campaign to promote personal loans, using the headline "We'll help you rise to the occasion."

How: A 5x7" postcard, mobile app banner, website banner and social media graphic.

A 5x7" postcard design, complete with disclosures and room for USPS info.

A mobile app banner, formatted to allow dynamic cropping on the right and left sides.

Mobile Wallet

What: A campaign encouraging members to use their mobile wallets with a $100 prize drawing.

How: A 3.5x8.5" buck slip, Facebook page banner, mobile app banner, social media graphic, and website banner.

A Facebook page banner, to match the feel of the month's promotion.

Credit Card Balance Transfer

What: A campaign promoting a credit card balance transfer offer.

How: A social media graphic, mobile app banner, and Facebook page banner.

Mobile & Online Banking

What: A one-off 4x6" postcard encouraging members to use digital banking options.

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