Tulane University

Tulane University is one of the nation's most recognized centers for medical education. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, they contracted me to create a series of print documents introducing their Internal Medicine program to future residents.

I enjoyed working within their brand, which uses mature typefaces, colors and graphical elements. It's a historic university, and it was my job to present it as such.

IM Residency Booklet

What: A 36-page full-color printed booklet with 17x11" spreads.

How: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and a massive amount of provided copy, data and original onsite photography.

A major focus for the Tulane Medical program is the deep disparity of healthcare in New Orleans, owing to the region's history of systemic racism and poverty.

The massive amount of dense content was a challenge to parse (especially for someone like me, with zero understanding of medical terminology!) but I believe we found a way to present it in an organized and approachable way.

Pathways to Distinction Booklet

What: A small 11x8.5" print booklet breaking down Tulane's Pathways to Distinction, and their curricular requirements, in a legible, organized way.

How: Adobe InDesign for layouts and Adobe Illustrator for vectors.

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