Steelcase is the world's largest office furniture company. Based in my hometown of Grand Rapids, they've been at the epicenter of Midwestern design for the last 100 years, and have a massive influence here in Chicago. I make digital ads for them via Darwin, after helping win them as a trials client.

Animated Ads

I've made 50+ animations for Steelcase. Here's some of my favorites!

None of these are spec designs‒ they ran on the company's digital marketing channels, with some becoming top-performer templates.

I have always loved Steelcase's clean product designs, their rugged-yet-colorful upholstery, and the way they make steel and aluminium expressive and organic.

Steelcase's 60s-modernist graphic design, hinged around Helvetica Neue and playful asymmetrical layouts, was a massive influence on my own style in college. You can probably see the similarities in the design of this website itself!

Darwin Client Testimonial

Darwin interviewed Jake Grayson, Steelcase's Digital Marketing Manager, and I created an animated testimonial video highlighting the ways the partnership has improved Steelcase's media production effectiveness.

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