I'm Travis Root.
I'm a designer who makes things work for human eyes and brains. I've created branding systems, websites, video games, and a bass guitar.

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Design work

Xtend, Inc.

Helping credit unions help people. 2019 -> now

Media Sandbox

Campaigning for creativity at MSU. 2017 -> 2018

Sketches & One-Shots

Illustrations and individual graphics. 2016 -> now

Spartans Vs Zombies

The craziest game on campus. 2015 -> 2017


A custom-built bass guitar. 2019 -> 2020


Let's Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty

It's important to design with a holistic approach, but don't let it stop you from appreciating the little things. Fall 2020

Your Tools Might Be Hurting You

All-inclusive "product ecosystems" are great for companies who make tools. But what about the people who use them? Summer 2020

Using Grotesques in 2020

The world's favorite fonts are back in style. The problem? Most were never meant to be displayed on screens. Here's some tips for using them in today's digital world. Summer 2020

Bio & resume

Hi, I'm Trav! I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I use he/him pronouns. I have a BA with Honors in Creative Advertising and Design from Michigan State University.

In college, I was lucky to be involved in some interesting organizations: I was a radio DJ/staff writer for Impact 89FM, a documentary editor, the head admin of Spartans Vs Zombies, and a regular participant in the Ludum Dare game design contest.

I spent a year in Nagoya, Japan after graduating, where I worked as an English teacher, made some friends and climbed a bunch of mountains. The language barrier really tested my ability to adapt and communicate, especially graphically (since I used a whiteboard all day).

I returned to Grand Rapids in the spring of 2019 and began my current position as Creative Lead at Xtend, Inc., where I make things for credit unions across the US.

Check out my full resume.

Contact information

Phone: (616) 419-9466

Email: travismroot@gmail.com

Social: Here's my LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Itch.io page.